Walking trails

You can set off for a relaxing stroll or a multi-day hike from Pec. The walking trails Okolo Pece (Around Pec), Zelený potok (The Green Brook) or Vlčí jáma (The Wolf Gorge) are great for an undemanding walk along most beautiful spots not far from the centre, or for a short run. For a short-distance walk with children it is ideal to follow the trail Krakonošova zpovědnice.

5.1 kmOkolo Pece (Around Pec) circuit

The starting point can be found at the square by Hospoda na Peci (The Kiln Tavern). You will be led by wooden signposts Okolo Pece (Around Pec). You can look forward to unique vistas from lately renewed forest footpaths and charming, secluded nooks. The wayside information panels show some valuable information on the history of the mountain townlet. Short quatro-lingual texts detail the establishment...

Okolo Pece (Around Pec) circuit

4.8 kmVlčí Jáma (Wolf Gorge) 

This signed route with information panels en route was named after a tiny, but perfectly shaped glacial corrie...

Vlčí Jáma (Wolf Gorge) 

5.4 kmZelený potok (The Green Brook)

The well-signed walking trail towards the valley of Zelený potok (Green Brook) begins at the car park Zelený potok. While roaming through the trail, you can reach several minor waterfalls and cascades. The lane leads from the starting point on as a forest footpath. After 2.5 km the valley broadens, because an alpine glacier carved out a wide corrie here thousands of years ago. In the 16th century...

Zelený potok (The Green Brook)

2.7 kmKe Krakonošově zpovědnici trail

Since July 2014 a new, unique walking trail for both adults and kids has been available – Putování ke Krakonošově...

Ke Krakonošově zpovědnici trail

Hiking trails

Hiking trails over 3 km long can be combined with the walking trails, a cable car pick-up or lengthened using the following tips. Do not descend immediately after you climb up the ridges. Use the mountain chalets situated on the ridges of The Giant Mountains, stay overnight and savour a genuine mountain breakfast.

5.5 kmThrough Šraml (Along Šraml Brook)

The trail bears from its starting point on the main road between Velká Úpa and Pec pod Sněžkou. The first...

Through Šraml (Along Šraml Brook)

6.2 kmNa Výsluní (At the Sunny Side)

The starting point of the trail is set at the crossroads in Pec pod Sněžkou. From this point on, just beyond Máj...

Na Výsluní (At the Sunny Side)

6 kmThrough Obří důl (Giant Valley)

A delightful stroll along the banks of the river Úpa along the blue hiking trail is not only the start point...

Through Obří důl (Giant Valley)

6.8 kmTowards the Aichelburg Forest Castle

The Aichelburg Forest Castle stands in the heart of the woodland in the mountainside of Světlá hora mountain. Two traditional transport ways used for collecting lumber on horn sledges in the past run to it from Temný důl. The forest castle was built in 1861 as a memorial of an enlightened land owner, Berchtold Aichelburg. Inside the restored great hall there is...

Towards the Aichelburg Forest Castle

8.4 kmModrý důl (Blue Valley)

Two possible ways run to Modrý důl (Blue Valley). From the centre of Pec hit the road towards Obří důl (Giant...

Modrý důl (Blue Valley)

6.2 kmSlatinná stráň (Moor Hillside)

Hit the trail at the crossroads at the outskirts of Pec, cross the bridge, then go past Corso Hotel. Just beyond...

Slatinná stráň (Moor Hillside)

14.8 kmThrough Javoří důl  to Černá hora

Start on the blue trail leading from Pec along the right bank of the river Úpa, parallel to the main road heading...

Through Javoří důl  to Černá hora

19.8 kmMaly Staw

This circuit track takes you to the Polish side of the Giant Mountains, so don't forget to take your ID card/passport. Malý Staw is a glacial lake situated in Poland, just 1.5 hour walk distance from Sněžka. This hiking trail towards Malý and Velký Staw (glacial lakes) is quite demanding due to the ascent as well as possibly uncomfortable rocky footpath on the Polish side, so take a cable car to get to the peak of Sněžka. Confident hikers can get...

Maly Staw