Children in Pec

Much of the family venues and activities are all in one place, lodged in the nooks and crannies of a small mountain town of Pec pod Snežkou. No need to travel around the town, no complicated family logistics – setting off from Pec allows you to reach all places on foot. In case you or your beloved ones grow weary, local lifts are ready to take over.

Pecka Playscape

Pecka Playscape lets you live through playful fantasies at 1062 metres above sea level, allowing you explore local nature and discover its extraordinary architecture. A unique set of interactive wooden sculptures and objects inspired by Krkonoše mountain fauna lets you encounter animals residing in these highest of Czech mountains.

Herní krajina Pecka

Rubezahl’s Corner

A unique new tourist route for adults and children alike, open since June 2014 – Pilgrimage to Corner of Rubezahl (Krakonoš), the mountain guardian. Rubenzahl’s corner is located in the former chapel by the Old Road connecting Velká Úpa centre to the Pec pod Sněžkou centre. The Corner is the right place to for your children to confide all their secret wishes and little mischiefs to Rubezahl himself.

Alpine Coaster

Relaxpark offers you a full size alpine coaster, a rope course, a valley zip line, adrenaline slides, trampolines, children playground and a snack bar with more attractions to be added in spring.

Monkey Park

Monkey Park in Pec pod Snežkou – a tried and tested rope course running for nine straight years. Monkey Park takes you through a series of 22 rope obstacles connected by 4 zip lines across the river and the dam. Unique entry point to the park is located on the tower platform over Pecka dam, the course begins with a zip line across the dam.

Pec pod Sněžkou Playground

Let your children run free on the very first playground in Pec pod Sněžkou, built just below Veronika Pension in 2005. The playground was constructed using quality acacia wood that can withstand harsh climate and so extended the lifespan of the playground.


Lemuria lets you enter jungle gyms, adrenaline slides, trampolines and a bouncing castle. If you seek more excitement, try sliding down 4 stainless toboggans of approx. 55 metres each.

Bowling for Children

Pec pod Sněžkou Bowling Bar features bowling lanes for children. Enjoy a bowling game in an engaging environment, daily from 11 am until 12 pm.

Velká Úpa Playground

Let your children explore a playground in Velká Úpa, open since 2006. A refreshments stall with a roofed patio gives you a place to rest and is also a frequented venue for various cultural events of a local Fire Department Club.

Children on bike in Pec

Walking may be the most natural form of movement with one great disadvantage – speed, or lack of thereof. That is why you can rent a bike anywhere in the mountain town of ours, Intersport being one of many rental shops. Rent an electric bike, and you won’t need to dread steeps slopes nor the highest of Czech mountain peaks.

Meadow of Senses

Come expand your senses in Meadow of Senses. Try your sense of smell at the Tree of Scents and sense of touch at the Giant Hand. Then let yourself be deceived by the Optical Illusion Board, or have chat using a Ground Telephone. Use all the senses to experience the beauty of flowers at Ruberzahl’s (Krakonoš) Garden - breath in their scent, revel in their display of colours, touch their stems and leaves and listen to the busy work of bumblebees.

Family Holiday

Spend the holiday with your children in Hotel Horizont: Enjoy your summer holidays hiking around Krkonoše. We will gladly show you routes and trails suitable even for the youngest ones. Rent a bike at our mountain bike rental.

Pec Kids Trail

Follow the map, answer curious questions, solve puzzles and brain teasers. Choose from two levels of difficulty – EASY for children of 5 and above, and JUNIOR for more advanced puzzle solvers. For more information, visit us at

Childcare and Play Centre in Pecr Well Hotel

Childcare and Play centre is open for the youngest of our visitors in Pecr Well Hotel. Your children will stay engaged with a wide array of toys, building sets, foam blocks, stuffed animals, hopscotch and other equipment. A film screen with a choice of children films is also available at the Centre. Free Entrance for children from 2 to 12 years of age. Opening hours 8 am to 7 pm, film screening in high season – every day until 8:30 pm.

Kolínská Bouda Petting Zoo

Kolínská bouda hotel is located on the tourist route connecting Pec pod Sněžkou and Černá Hora, the ideal starting point for hiking or ski touring. Passing the playground right next to the hotel, you will arrive to a large pen full of American pygmy goats and other animal pets.