Pec pod Sněžkou and its surrounding areas offer a wide range of marked cycle routes of various fitness demand. The starting ascent (gradient) can be easily overcome by using a cable car/chairlifts to Hnědý vrch (Brown Hill), Portášky and Černá hora (Black Mountain) in Janské Lázně.

From June to September, local cycle-buses are available; for more information about the timetable please visit Fans of extreme sports will appreciate a downhill mountain-bike route in Pec. For going up, tourists can use the chairlift to Hnědý vrch without limitations. Within KRNAP (Giant Mountains National Park) a whole system of mountain-bike-only trails has been built. Marked with wooden engraved pictograms, the routes are maintained by the National Park office. Annually, a number of remarkable cycle races take place in Pec pod Sněžkou and Velká Úpa (e.g. the Czech cup MTB XCO or Okolo Pece – Around Pec – an autumn race).

Cycle routes

Route 20

Route 20Pec pod Sněžkou – Husova bouda chalet – Pražská bouda chalet – Kladenská bouda chalet - Pec pod Sněžkou

A short, but arduous route takes you to the Giant Mountains ridges from where you can either return to Pec or access other trails and continue to Černá hora (Black Mountain) or Černý důl (Black Valley). The cycle route starts at the bottom station of the chairlift to piste Javor located in Pec pod Sněžkou, it is 5.5 km long and leads parallel to the blue hiking trail on an asphalt and paved surface. To avoid ascending from Pec, you can use a chairlift to Hnědý vrch (Brown Hill). Go past piste Javor along a brook towards Zahrádky, and then to the bottom station of the chairlift to Hnědý vrch. From the top station continue to the left towards Lesní bouda chalet, cycle along the red ridge trail via Husova bouda chalet up to Pražská bouda chalet. At the junction turn left to the road where you will see the green mark and go on. A downhill ride via Kladenská bouda chalet back to Pec is now ahead of you. Another popular option is to go straight on at the junction by Pražská bouda chalet, over to Kolínská bouda chalet up to Černá hora.

Route 21

Route 21Pec pod Sněžkou - Chata Betyna chalet - Bouda v Obřím dole (Giant Valley chalet) - Bouda pod Sněžkou chalet - Kaplička v Obřím dole (Giant Valley Chapel)

The track starts at the parking place U Kapličky (located in Pec pod Sněžkou). The route is 4.4 km long and runs parallel to the blue hiking trail on an asphalt surface. From the car park, go to the bottom station of the cable car to Sněžka, follow the blue trail over to Betyna chalet, Bouda v Obřím dole chalet, Bouda pod Sněžkou chalet up to the chapel in Obří důl. From this point on cycling is prohibited. This moderate cycle trail can be used when heading to the historical mine of Kovárna.

Route 23

Route 23Velká Úpa – Vlašské boudy chalets – Velké Tippletovy boudy (Large Tippelt chalets) – Krasovy boudy chalets

A more demanding cycle route is 7 km long and follows mostly parallel the green hiking trail on tarmac roads as well as forest cycle paths. The larger part of this quite demanding trip bears along side roads or asphalt forest roads, a third of it runs on stone or gravel surface. From the main road leading from Velká Úpa to Pec pod Sněžkou turn left at the outskirts of Velká Úpa in Vavřincův důl valley towards Javoří důl valley. Alternatively take route 23A, from Vavřincův důl valley via Hlušiny, after leaving the main road, follow the yellow hiking trail. More than 300 m gradient can be a test of your fitness, the hardest part will award you with unforgettable views of the mountains. From Vlašské boudy chalets cycle on for about several hundred meters to enter the slope of Světlá hora mountain. Get to Krasovy boudy chalets to continue to Janské Lázně or cycle to Horní Maršov to continue along the main road towards Pec pod Sněžkou.

Route 22

Route 22Velká Úpa – Výsluní (Sunny Side) – Janovy boudy chalets

From the main road leading from Velká Úpa to Pec pod Sněžkou turn right before Pecr Hotel in Pec pod Sněžkou, keep cycling parallel to the blue hiking trail. After 1 km, take the turn left, leaving the main road. The bike route is 3 km long, bearing along tarmac roads as well as natural paths. From Janovy boudy chalets continue to Růžová hora (Pink Mountain) or in the opposite direction to Spálený Mlýn (Burnt Mill). You can relax at Sagasserovy boudy chalets located between Výsluní (Sunny Side) and Janovy boudy chalets, above the top chairlift station at Portášky. Original dishes and rare local delicacies of the Giant Mountains are served, as well as steaks from meat of Scottish Highland cattle.

Chata Růžohorky chalet

Chata Růžohorky chaletJanovy boudy chalets – Chata Růžohorky chalet – Růžová hora (Pink Mountain)

This cycle route connects with route 22 at Janovy boudy chalets and runs parallel to the yellow hiking trail towards Růžová hora. The bike route is 4.5 km long leading along tarmac as well as asphalt roads. The cycle routes ends at the cable car station on the top of Růžová hora, so from this point on it is possible to climb up the highest mountain or go up by the cable car. Along the way a number of cottages offer famous local cuisine.

Route 1A

Route 1ARoute 1A (a part of the Diagonal Route leading through the Giant Mountains)

The trail leads from Harrachov, Špindlerův Mlýn via Strážné, Výrovka chalet and Čertovy schody (Devil's Staircase) to Pec pod Sněžkou - here turn left just behind the crossroads according to the mark, leaving the main road heading to Velká Úpa, go on to Janovy boudy chalets, Spálený Mlýn and Lysečinské boudy chalets. From here, take the direction of Žacléř via Rýchorský hřeben ridge along 1A or opt for 1B direction, cycle through Horní Maršov, Krasovy boudy chalets, Černá hora mountain and Tetřeví boudy chalets, and, finally, get back to Pec pod Sněžkou. The legs of 1A are parts of bike races such as Krkonošská 70 (a 70 km race in the Giant Mountains) or Žacléřská 70 (a 70 km race in the Giant Mountains, around Žacléř sub-region).

Other marked, follow-up cycle routes in the area

Route 26Cestník – Dlouhý hřeben (Long Ridge) – Stará hora (Old Mountain) – Horní Maršov – Mánkova cesta (Mánkova Road) – Antonínovo Údolí (Antonín Valley) – Bystřice – Rýchorský kříž (Wayside Cross)

This demanding trail is 23 km long and incorporates various kinds of surface, asphalt or paved roads as well as forest lanes. Get to Cestník from Horní Malá Úpa, which can be reached from Janovy boudy chalets (see route 22 for more details). Take the turn left to Spálený Mlýn (Burnt Mill), ascend steeply towards the church in Horní Malá Úpa. Alternatively, continue to Pomezní boudy chalets and get to Cestník along a contour line. Go downhill to Horní Maršov. Before you reach it, route 26 turns left together with the yellow-marked trail and ascends to Rýchory. At the first route junction cyclists can decide to follow two possible trails. The longer option is to bear right to Antonínovo Údolí, the second possibility is to go on route 26 which ascends together with the yellow-marked trail to Rýchorská bouda chalet. Choosing the first option will take you down to Antonínovo Údolí, a picturesque mountain settlement and there you can have a swim in the local forest swimming pool. From Antonínovo Údolí you follows an extreme ascent to Bystřice and Rýchory from which you can get to Žacléř, Svoboda nad Úpou or Mladé Buky. While cycling in the opposite direction, from Žacléř to Cestník, you can experience a part of the racing track (Žacléřská 70 km race which is usually held at the end of September).

Route 24Spálený Mlýn – Pomezní Boudy – Eliščino údolí

The route is 10 km long and bears on asphalt and paved surface. It starts out in Spálený Mlýn (Burnt Mill) which can be reached from Janovy boudy chalets along the cycle route 22 or from the main road, marked as route 24. The circuit towards Pomezní boudy chalets is ahead of us. Go uphill from Spálený Mlýn, continue towards the Church of St. Peter and Paul (you can try Kraví hora circuit there), move on to Pomezní boudy chalets. The yellow hiking trail joins the cycle route as well as Pohádková stezka path (the Fairytale Footpath) here. The cycle route leaves both trails, turns right and after 10 km returns to Spálený Mlýn.
While descending, you can enjoy splendid views of cottages dotted in hillsides as well as meadows scattered with colourful wild flowers and you can immerse yourself in a genuine local atmosphere. Reach a waypost junction. The route 24 runs to the right on the footpath via the so-called Eliščino údolí (Eliška Valley) area along the brook Malá Úpa. After 2 km distance from the car park there is the first relaxing point with a bench. Children will enjoy a fairy-tale figure of the water goblin a fairytale written by Marie Kubátová (author) on an information board. The fairytale is a part of Pohádková stezka (the Fairytale Footpath) with the total number of 10 fairytales. There is a junction near here. An arrow shows will show you the way to the Church of St. Peter and Paul.

Route 19ABehind Hoffmanovy boudy chalets (Janské Lázně) – Zinneckerova bouda chalet – Sokolská bouda chalet (out of operation) – U staré lanovky (Guesthouse At the Old Cable Car) – Černá hora mountaintop – Černá bouda chalet

This high peak cycling trail is 7.5 km long and winds on an asphalt road from Janské Lázně to the top of Černá hora mountain. Continue to Hoffmanovy boudy chalets, turn right to climb up long-winded sharp bends leading to Černá hora mountaintop. Although Sokolská bouda chalet has been out of operation for over several years, you can refresh yourself in U Staré lanovky guesthouse as well as Černá bouda chalet. You can continue further to Pardubické boudy chalets and Maršov or get back to Janské Lázně or Pec pod Sněžkou past Kolínská bouda chalet along route 20.

Route 18Below Rennerovy boudy chalets – Tetřeví boudy (Grouse chalets) (Liščí cesta - Fox Path)

One of the most breathtaking routes in the Giant Mountains runs for 5.5 km and goes along asphalt roads as well as mountain forest lanes. Starting in Pec you can ascend to Liščí cesta (Fox Path) along route 20 (towards Husova bouda chalet) or get to Hnědý vrch (Brown Hill) by a chairlift, then cross to Tetřeví boudy chalets. Marked route 18 runs together with the green-marked trail up to Zadní Rennerovy boudy chalets. The so-called Liščí cesta (Fox Path) has spectacular views to offer. Setting out from Zadní Rennerovy boudy chalets you can continue in the direction of Na Rozcestí cottage, towards Výrovka chalet. From there a steep descend on an asphalt road to Pec pod Sněžkou follows. If you want to top up, cycle to Luční bouda chalet and enjoy stunning vistas of Sněžka.