Distance8 km
Car park Zelený potok (The Green Brook) - Zelený důl (Green valley) - Jelení Louky (Deer Meadows) - Chaloupky enclave - Velká pláň - The centre of Pec pod Sněžkou

The well-signed walking trail towards the valley of Zelený potok (Green Brook) begins at the car park Zelený potok. While roaming through the trail, you can reach several minor waterfalls and cascades. The lane leads from the starting point on as a forest footpath. After 2.5 km the valley broadens, because an alpine glacier carved out a wide corrie here thousands of years ago. In the 16th century the meadow enclave Jelení Louky (Deer Meadows) was founded and in the tavern of the same name, established in 1731, you can still get refreshments.

To get back to Pec it is recommend using an asphalt road. The road, signed from Velká pláň via Chaloupky, keeps going on and follows the red hiking trail. Descending only very gently, it became popular with kids as well as parents pushing baby carriages.