Distance2,6 km
Elevation gain40 m
Pec pod Sněžkou – The Old Route to Velká Úpa - Playground in Velká Úpa

Since July 2014 a new, unique walking trail for both adults and kids has been available – Putování ke Krakonošově zpovědnici (The Journey to Krakonošova Zpovědnice Wish Box). Krakonošova zpovědnice can be found inside a former chapel by The Old Route connecting the centre of Velká Úpa with the centre of Pec pod Sněžkou. Children can place their desires (wishes) and mischief in the box.

To make the journey entertaining, eight playing waypoints were manufactured and installed along The Old Route and in the centre of Velká Úpa.

  • The playing waypoint at the guest house Alena (connect 5 children's game)
  • The playing waypoint below the boarding house U Pašáka (for muddle-headed)
  • The playing waypoint by a brook (a frog maze)
  • The playing waypoint by a forest (a brain teaser “Setting keys”)
  • The playing waypoint Krakonošova zpovědnice in the chapel
  • The playing waypoint by a bridge in Velká Úpa (sports competition)
  • The playing waypoint below the chairlift Portášky (the battleship game)
  • The playing waypoint at a playground in Velká Úpa (a brain teaser)

Individual stops are 200 m apart. If you look for an ideal walk even with a baby carriage, a push-bike or kids' bike, head for the Krakonošova zpovědnice trail.

Route map