9ski lifts
12,5 kmof ski
80 %slopes with
snowmaking guns

Pec pod Sněžkou

Ski areas Pec pod Sněžkou and Velká Úpa are part of SkiResort Černá hora-Pec, which offers skiing on 41 km of slopes on one ski pass. SkiResort Černá hora-Pec includes 5 areas: Černá hora (Janské Lázně), Pec pod Sněžkou, Černý Důl, Velká Úpa a Svoboda nad Úpou.

The second largest area in SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC, which is connected with area Černá hora on skis via SkiTour.

Area Pec introduces the second most important change in winter season 2015/16 - a modern detachable quad chairlift ZAHRÁDKY EXPRESS, which has replaced the old ski lift Zahrádky.

The area in Pec is suitable for professional and recreational skiing and snowboarding. It offers 12.5 km of ski slopes and a number of ski attractions such as Funline with banked curves and an 8 m long tunnel, or the giant slalom/downhill ski track with time measuring.

Here you can also find Funpark and Snowpark with obstacles and jumps.

Night skiing under floodlights is available on the broadest slopes in the country - pistes Javor 1 and 2. Floodlights are also ready on piste U lesa.

A single ski pass is valid in the whole resort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC. Night skiing has a special tariff.



condition slope difficulty length
1b Javor 1 1300 m
2b Javor 2 1200 m
3b Javor 3 700 m
4b Javor - Funpark 600 m
5b Lyžařská 700 m
6b Smrk 900 m
7b Hnědý vrch 1500 m
8b Hnědý vrch 500 m
9b U potoka 650 m
10b Zahrádky 1100 m
11b Plynovod 700 m
12b Klondike 1 400 m
13b Klondike 2 400 m
14b U lesa 400 m
15b Mulda 650 m
16b Eso 350 m
17b Funline 450 m

Chairlifts and lifts

condition chairlift / lift length capacity
B1 Javor 1 1000 m 1060 per./h
B2 Javor 2 1000 m 1060 per./h
B3 Hnědý vrch 1200 m 1460 per./h
B4 Smrk 800 m 1000 per./h
B5 Zahrádky Express 900 m 1960 per./h
B6 Zahrádky 2 500 m 1060 per./h
B7 Klondike 360 m 900 per./h
B8 U lesa 350 m 560 per./h
B9 Mulda 550 m 800 per./h
B10 Eso 320 m 620 per./h
B11 Přibližovák 85 m 1200 per./h
B12 Pás Javor 90 m 1200 per./h
LIVE park Javor
LIVE park Klondike

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Only in SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA – PEC can you move between ski areas on skis, by snowcats or a fast ski bus. You can spend a day skiing in Černá hora, in Černý Důl or in Pec pod Sněžkou. Just try SkiTour. On the way to Pec pod Sněžkou you can use a snowcat and skis on parts of the trip. A ski bus (red central line) will take you back to Janské Lázně. You can use the blue line ski bus for a trip to Černý Důl and back.


Funline is an amusement track aimed at skiers and snowboarders of all ages. It combines elements from new Olympic disciplines, such as boardercross, ski cross and freestyle.